NLIU-AZB & Partners Certificate Course on Sustainable Energy

CBCL, in collaboration with AZB & Partners, conducts the NLIU- AZB & Partners Certificate Course on Sustainable Energy! We are honoured to host Ms. Anuja Tiwari (Partner, AZB & Partners) as the instructor for the course, along Mr. Aditya Goyal (Associate, AZB & Partners). Their profound expertise and insights enrich the discourse on Renewable Energy Laws, with a focus on sustainability, and cover a comprehensive spectrum from renewable energy projects to legislative policies in this domain. The course facilitates a nuanced understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding sustainable energy.

The course is currently offered only to the students of at NLIU. Students from the second, third and fourth year may participate in the course. Upon receiving registrations, CBCL in collaboration with the firm shall shortlist the students based on their academic performance. The course class would consist of a maximum of 60 students in total. The students attending the course are also awarded a certificate of participation by AZB & Partners along with other exciting opportunities!

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